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About 9ele

We've been always committing ourselves to provide powerful and easy-operated software to improve users' efficiency.
Since established in 2001, we have developed series of data management softwares, smart tools and other office softwares, which are helpful and popular to the users. Many enterprises and groups have chosen our products to improve their work.
We can customize a unique software according to to the user's special needs.
We customized the Optometry Data Processing System for Zhongshan Medical University, the Products and Registration Management system for a chemistry company and customized Docbook for Inner Mongolia Tobacco Bereau.
Besides providing useful software tools, we also apply multiply ways to ensure data safety and privacy to relieve the users' worry or trouble.
If you have any question or requirement about our software, please feel free to tell us. We'd like to provide you the best service.
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About Docbook

What is Docbook?

Docbook is a Data &Information Management Software.
DocBook is a tool combining the functions of data collecting, webpage collecting and attachment collecting. It helps you to combine data, pictures, programs together and manage them systematically. It makes it easier to search or use data.

What can Docbook do for you?

*Create your own e-Book or DataBase
*Import and save all kinds of data or files (office, text, picture, Source code, webpage ...)
*Powerful searching function to help you find your targeted data quickly.

DocBook is a tool combining the functions of data collecting, webpage collecting and attachment collecting. It helps you to combine data, pictures, programs together and manage them systematically. It makes it easier to search or use data.
One of the most unique characteristics of DocBook is to capture webpage content. It can collect all kinds of resources (text, links, pictures, flashes, etc.) in web pages and sorts them into Docbook. Docbook can also save all formats of files into it as attachments.In DocBook, you can easily collect resources by customizing right click menu or dragging the chosen part into the Collecting Basket. You can do collecting in the current browser without opening any program, which saves your system resource greatly.

The editing area adopts directory tree, which is familiar to users and easy to operate. You can add the captured resources into different directories automatically or manually. You can edit either plain text or formatted text in the editing area. The size of text is unlimited. The text area supports paragraph reforming and transference between GB ad BIG5 codes. Any node in the Bookcase directory supports encryption to easy the personal or sharing using. Search function provides multi-methods to quicken positioning.

DocBook supports embedded HTML formatted file or Word file, which can be edited and saved directly

DocBook supports user to customize the content template.

DocBook supports searching in the attachments PDF/DOC files.

DocBook supports saving the page content in FireFox into its database.

DocBook supports saving the page content in Opera into its database.

Docbook combines the search engine of internet to quicken searching action.

DocBook supports functions of Bookmark and Jumping, by which you can change position by clicking the Jumping link.

DocBook supports functions of Bookmark and Jumping by which you can do color tagging or annotating in the collected webpage.

DocBook supports customizing icon of article as you like.

DocBook supports Move-over Prompt,namely you can get the outline of the file without opening it. (This function is only available for the registered)

DocBook supports function of Label Tag, which makes data searching or saving in multidimensional modes.

DocBook supports plug-in, by which you can acquire more powerful functions and characteristics.

DocBook supports Opening more than one DocBook file at the same time and exchanging data between different DocBook files.

DocBook supports changing skin. On the website, you can find kinds of skin resources for downloading.

DocBook supports creating Self-viewing program (.EXE). By this way, you can view the Docbook file on any computer even without DOCBOOK installed.

Once you have registered, you will be entitled the privilege of perpetual free upgrading.

Who need Docbook?

Individual, corporation, enterprise,government, college, institution and any other users who need to creat, collect and manage plenty of data or information.

Limitation of functions

You will find limitation of functions or prompts as below if you are not registered:
•When you start Docbook, a prompt window will pop-out to remind you to register, in which you will find authentication code for registration.
•A advertisement prompt is on the lower right corner in the main interface;
•No more than 2 DocBook files are allowed to run at the same time;
•The function of “search in the attached DOC/PDF files” is restricted in the Full-Text Search
•No move-over prompt in the explorer;
•No updating on-line services;

How to Purchase DocBook

How much?

type of registration price (usd)
8 authentication codes*   30
 16 authentication codes  50
mobile version (4 authentication codes)   40

*One registration will be rewarded 8 chances to change authentication codes, namely you can install the registered version on 8 computers;
If you are a registered user and have consumed 8 authentication codes , you can acquire more 8 authentication codes just at price USD20.00.
If you use the mobile version, you will be given 4 chances to change authentication codes at price USD40.00.
The difference between standard version and mobile version:
 .Standard version is installed in the harddisk of computer. Different registration file with different authentication code binds to different computer.One registration allows installation on no more than 8 computers (you should provide the authentication code to us for generating registration file for different computer.)
 .The mobile version is installed in the U disk /mobile hard disk. The authentication code is the only one for the U disk /mobile hard disk. It is valid even the U disk /mobile hard disk is applied on different computer.

Note: the prices are just for your reference. The prices will be subject to the notification on website.

Click here to see the limitation of unregistered version.
If you want to register DocBook, please see the information as below.

How to Pay?

You can transfer through bank, Paypal or West Union.

Method 1.Through Bank account:

Account Number of ICBC BANK, China :
95588 020 0210 2266 115,Account Name: Zhu Xiongjie

Account Number of China Construction Bank :
3090 2799 8010 0153 605,Account Name: Zhu Xiongjie

Method 2.Pay online:

You can pay through Paypal ,
1. Visit the homepage of Paypal: and log in by your ID;
2. Click the “Send Money” on the left-top corner
3. Input in the input box of “To (email)” and the Amount.
4. And then choose “(personal payments)”, and click “(continue)”to complete the payment according to the prompt.

Method 3. Pay by West Union
Beneficiary's Name: Zhu Xiongjie

Precautions after payment:

Please follow the following procedures after you have paid :

1. Choose a user name, which is the only identification for DocBook;

2.Authentication code: When you start Docbook, you will see a registration prompt window,in which there is a character string. You can also see this prompt window by clicking "Help"--> "Registration", . The character string is the authentication code. Please copy(Ctrl + C) the whole code into the email to us.

3.Please send the email with authentication code to our serving email: , In the email, please indicate the mode, time and amount of your payment, user name

your user name used for Docbook, authentication code and frequently-used email address.

We will reply your email and tell you the details of registration immediately upon receipt of your letter and confirming your payment

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Service on line:
Phone number: +86-137 025 77797
Contact person: Alice Zhu
Address: Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

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