ZJ0967 甲磺虫腙

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以对氯苯甲酰氯、 苯甲醚、 甲基磺酰氯、 水合肼、 丁酮等为原料合成了新型杀虫剂甲磺虫腙(试验号: ZJ0967) ,其化学名称为甲磺酸 2 42[ ( 42 氯代苯基 ) 2(丁酮腙叉 ) 2 甲基 ]苯酯,其结构经 1H NMR、 MS和元素分析确认。室内生测结果表明,甲磺虫腙对小菜蛾 P lu tella xylostella、 甜菜夜蛾 Sp odop te ra exigua,特别是对粘虫 M ythimna sepa ta ra、 斜纹夜蛾 P rodenia litura表现出良好的杀虫活性。进一步毒力测定表明,甲磺虫腙对斜纹夜蛾的 LC50值为 8 .45 ( 7 .69~9 .62) mg /L ,其杀
虫活性与虫酰肼相当,但低于氟啶脲。田间试验结果表明, 70%甲磺虫腙 W G在有效成分为 210~420g /hm2时,对斜纹夜蛾 7 d的防效可达 88 . 6%~93 . 9% ,未观察到对作物产生药害。



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4- -phenyl methane sulfonate(ZJ0967) as a novel insecticide was synthesized by using 4-chlorobenzoyl chloride,methoxybenzene,methane sulfonyl chloride,hydrazine hydrate,and 2-butanone as starting materials.The structure of ZJ0967 was confirmd by 1H NMR,MS and elemental analysis.Its insecticidal activity was evaluated.ZJ0967 exhibited higher insecticidal activity against Mythimna sepatara and Prodenia litura,followed by Plutella xylostella and Spodoptera exigua.The LC50 value against P.litura was 8.45(7.69~9.62)mg/L. The activity of ZJ0967 against P.litura was almost equivalent to that of tebufenozide,but lower than that of chlorfluazuron.Field trials showed that the control effect of ZJ0967(70%WG) against Prodenia litura was 88.6%~93.9% after seven days at the rate of 210~420 g a.i./hm2.No crop injury was observed at the dosage of the tests.