Propamidine 丙烷脒



英文通用名称: propamidine
化学名称为1,3-二(4-脒基苯氧基) 丙烷,
分子式 C17H20N4O2·2HCl
性状描述: 原药外观为白色到微黄色固体;溶点188-189℃;蒸气压<1.0×10-6Pa;溶解度20℃时水100g/L、甲醇150g/L。
属芳香二脒类化合物, 芳香二脒类化合物可以用于临床治疗原虫疾病。
临床试验证明, 丙烷脒及其类似物对前期非洲锥形虫症和利什曼原虫症有一定的治疗作用, 同时该类化合物还表现出抗细菌、真菌、病毒及肿瘤的活性。该药为内吸性杀菌剂, 可在植物体内吸收、分布和代谢, 具有保护和治疗双重功效。
毒性实验和环境生态实验表明, 丙烷脒是一种低毒的化合物, 其急性经口、皮毒性属于低毒, 对皮肤﹑眼睛无刺激作用, 对皮肤无致敏作用, 无致畸作用。该药主要用于防治田间和大棚内蔬菜、果树和经济作物上由灰霉病菌引起的多种植物病害, 是目前防治灰霉病的首选产品。



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CAS No. 104-32-5
Chemical Name: Propamidine
Synonyms: DAPP;Brolene;propamidine;4,4'-(1,3-Propanediyl)bis(oxy)bisbenzamidine;4,4'-[1,3-Propanediylbis(oxy)]bis(benzenecarbimidamide);4,4'-(1,3-Propanediylbis(oxy))bisbenzenecarboximidamide
CBNumber: CB9897768
Molecular Formula: C17H20N4O2
Formula Weight: 312.37

Vapour pressure (20 degree centigrade) : <1. 0*10E-6Pa
Solubility (g / L, 20 degree centigrade) : water 100, methanol 150. Don't be dissolved in benzene and methyl benzene.
Stability: Stability under acidity condition, decomposition under alkaline condition.
Stability: Stability under acidity condition, decomposition under alkaline condition, stability under sunshine and hotness.
Appearance: TC is white, light-yellow powder. SL is pale yellow transparent liquid.

fungicide-Propamidine (C17H20N4O2 2HCI) was invented by the RDCBP. , China and NZYM Inc. , CA. , USA, which originated from food additive, is a new type, high efficiency, low toxicity biorational fungicide for prevention and treatment fungi disease of crops, vegetables, fruit, flowers, tobacco, tea, herbs such as Botrytis cinerea fungus disease.
Propamidine is a novel plant fungicide which invented and developed by Chinese and American scientists in China. This is synthetic bio-chemical is essentially used to control various diseases caused by Botrytis fungi on fruits and vegetables under the field and greenhouse conditions. It is a systemic fungicide, can be intake and distributed in plants. It has unique curative and protective functions against various diseases.

( 1) The effectiveness of Propamidine is higher as increased of application concentration and times. The application concentration and time should be reasonable in one growing season of crop, the best way to use three or four times.
( 2) The 2% propamidine SL is stable in neutron-acid liquid, easily decomposed in basic liquid. It can't blend with basic pesticides.
( 3) The best effect to Botrytis cinerea is in the early time of the disease.
( 4) This fungicide is low toxicity, is safe to human being and environment.
( 5) It is recommend that 0. 3% surfactant was mixture with propamidine to increase the adhesively on crops in field application. The temperature is above 20 degree centigrade in applying.
( 6) shelf life is two years.